Harrison Ford will be back for a season 2 of 1923

Jacob Dutton’s story is far from over.

The story of the Dutton family of Yellowstone is not about to end. Paramount+ has just renewed the 1923 prequel for a second season. Season 1, which has 8 episodes, is currently halfway through on Paramount + and the grand finale will be broadcast on February 26.


But we already know that it will not be the end of the road for Jacob Dutton … Because Harrison Ford has already confirmed his presence in the cast of season 2 of 1923. ” Yes I will be,” he soberly replied to NBC’s Today program (below). It is assumed that season 2 will be seen in 2024.

Remember that 1883, the other prequel to Yellowstone, starring Sam Elliott, had not been renewed for a season 2.



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