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The group that nobody wants to win at the European Championships: the prize is a very hard draw

The most beautiful and competitive group of the European Championships is also the one where perhaps arriving first is less convenient than qualifying as second. This is group F with France (already qualified), Portugal and Germany playing the lead. The top of the board is also up for grabs and more dangerous crossings than the bottom.

Portugal-France and Germany-Hungary are the two matches that will close Group F of the European Championships. If France have already qualified for the round of 16 , the other three teams will play for the next round tonight, when the grouping standings will also be defined. Draw in hand, however, there are those who think that qualifying as first in the standings is less convenient than entering as second.

The situation in Group F currently sees France first with 4 points. The world champion national team has already qualified, given that even with a defeat against Portugal, in the worst case scenario, they could access the second round of the best third . To qualify as first, the Bleus would have to win, or draw, hoping that Germany would not win over Hungary.

Portugal, on the other hand, need a positive result to get through the group stage, and with a win (and German failure) they would even be first. In case of defeat, Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates would be eliminated only with a knockout of Germany against Hungary. Germany that would pass the group without losing against the Magyars (with a tie between France and Portugal). For the primacy instead it will take a success and the failure of France to win. Few calculations for Hungary that will have to win to hope for qualification.

But are we sure that qualifying as first in the standings is convenient? The final joints will be clear only tonight when we have the complete picture of the best third parties, but at the moment we can already make some evaluations of the scoreboard. The first of group F, would end up in the upper part, the one where Belgium and Italy are, who could face each other in the quarterfinals.

Who will win the grouping between France, Germany and Portugal, will cross in the round of 16 or the third of group A (Switzerland) or that of group C (Ukraine) and then find themselves in the quarterfinals against one between Croatia (2D) and the second. group E, which could be Spain. Luis Enrique’s national team, among those that so far has less convinced, in the case of second or third place, would find itself in the upper part where there are Italy and Belgium, while only with the first place (less likely hypothesis for now) would start in the lower part. In the second case, therefore, a more noble opponent on the side of the first in the standings of group F.

The second in the standings of group F instead would be found in the lower part of the board. In the round of 16, therefore, one between France, Germany, Portugal and in the event of an exploit, Hungary, would face England and then the winner of the match between the first of group E, which is currently Sweden, against one of the best third. In the semifinals, then possible crossing with Holland who will first face one of the thirds, and then in the quarterfinals with one between Wales and Denmark.


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