Gladiator 2: Ridley Scott’s Sequel Already Has a Release Date

And it will be sooner than you can imagine!

While he has finished filming his Napoleon with Joaquin Phoenix and is in the process of editing it, Ridley Scott already knows that he will be filming again in a few weeks. In the spring, he will begin filming Gladiator 2, the sequel to his legendary 2000 peplum starring Russell Crowe.

Paramount Pictures already has a well-defined schedule in mind, and has already set a release date: Gladiator 2 will be in theaters from November 22, 2024. In just a year and a half, or much faster than you could imagine!

Remember that Crowe will no longer be there. It is Paul Mescal ( Aftersun ), in the running for the Oscar for best actor this year, who will be at the center of the film and will play Lucius, the son of Lucilla (Connie Nelson), who is none other than the nephew of the ‘Emperor Commodus.

While waiting to see Gladiator 2 in dark rooms, we will discover Napoleon by the end of the year, on Apple TV+.

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