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Giner: You can’t compare Maradona to Pele or Messi to Maradona

CSKA President Evgeny Giner, in an exclusive interview with SE, shared his opinion on comparing Lionel Messi with Diego Maradona.

– After the final, everyone recognized that Messi is the greatest football player in history. You saw him and Maradona.

Yes, I saw Maradona. It is journalists who oppose them to each other. My subjective opinion is that you cannot compare Maradona with Pele or Messi with Maradona. It’s a completely different football.

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What about Messi and Ronaldo?

– They play at the same time, at the same speed, with the same equipment, and with the same fields. If we look, then Pele played at the World Cup, and then Maradona. What speeds were there, and what are they now? Today they are going to scrap each other, slaughter! I wouldn’t compare. Maradona is great, and Messi is great. I absolutely agree that you can consider players at the same time. For myself, for example, I can’t draw a conclusion in any way, perhaps because of the relationship, who is stronger – Platini or Rummenigge. Two of the greatest players of their time.

Argentina defeated France 3-3 on penalties in the 2022 World Cup final. In this meeting, Messi scored two goals. The Argentinean was recognized as the best player in the tournament.

Giner: You can't compare Maradona to Pele or Messi to Maradona
Giner: You can’t compare Maradona to Pele or Messi to Maradona

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