Frozen 3, Zootopia and Toy Story: Disney Sequels Are Coming!

What if we told you that Frozen, Zootropia, and Toy Story are (re)returning? Would you believe it? No? Do it, because it is so, and to confirm it is the CEO of Disney himself.

Walt Disney Corporation CEO Bob Iger revealed during the company’s Q1 2023: ” Today I am very happy to announce that we are working on sequels to our most popular franchises, ‘Toy Story’, ‘Frozen’ and ‘Zootopia’ We ‘ll be sharing more information on those productions shortly, but this is a great example of our work, which is unrivaled .”

Disney’s animation industry never stops and will continue to churn out more films from the three iconic franchises that have bewitched entire generations, children and otherwise. The world recently witnessed the Toy Story spinoff, with Lightyear however being criticized by the original director of the saga himself. The actor who voiced the character of Buzz in Toy Story had countered by saying that: ” This is a completely new team that has nothing to do with the first films “. In the spinoff, Chris Evans also voiced the protagonist.

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