Fantastic Four, New Rumor: is Ryan Gosling in Pole Position for a Role?

The full-blown rumor continues about one of the most anticipated Marvel films of all time, Fantastic Four, as in these minutes a new potential favorite has emerged for an unspecified role in the cast: Ryan Gosling.

After the rumors about Adam Driver as Mr. Fantastic, the famous insider Jeff Sneider during his podcast The Hot Mic shared a new rumor according to which Ryan Gosling would be in pole position for a starring role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe project to be released in 2025: unfortunately, however, the scooper does not go into further details, without specifying what role the star of Drive and Only God Forgives by Nicolas W Refn should possibly play.

Doing some calculations, however, it seems logical to assume that Ryan Gosling, with the 42 years (looking very well, for heaven’s sake) in the Fantastic Four roster could only adapt to the role of Mr. Fantastic: the age to play the ‘father’ figure ‘ from the Marvel Family is the right one, and it would also allow him to make long-term commitments to Marvel Studios for what will theoretically be a long saga consisting of multiple stand-alone films and other crossover appearances.

However, the Fantastic Four casting mystery continues: and since it is a film due out in 2025, production won’t start before the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024, so we’ll probably have to wait a little longer for official news. Who do you think will ultimately make up the Fantastic Four cast?

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