Fantastic Four: Mila Kunis Will Be Sue Storm in the Marvel Reboot?

Mila Kunis, according to increasingly insistent rumors due to her meeting with director Matt Shakman, would be in the running for a role in the Fantastic 4 reboot, which should be filmed in 2024.

The new film about the first Marvel family is receiving the attention of fans and insiders. It was recently the tweet of a well-known insider who would have revealed the villain of The Fantastic Four, next from the Californian director.

Mail Online has further rekindled public interest by releasing photos and videos of the Black Swan star during a meeting with the director of WandaVision in a Hollywood restaurant. Naturally, this led to numerous speculations that the two had to discuss the next Marvel Studios film. Rumors are difficult to dismiss. The two have not yet had the opportunity to work together on other projects and there are no records of other meetings between the two before these frames. From the photos, it would seem like the classic meeting between a filmmaker and interpreter able to discuss a possible work to be agreed upon.

The idea that immediately comes to mind, in this sense, is the fact that the Ukrainian actress could get the role of Sue Storm in the film about the group of Marvel superheroes. Kunis’ choice would seem perfect if, as it seems, the film were to talk about the team in an already advanced stage of their role as superheroes. Matt Shakman has been elusive in his answers on the Fantastic Four cast that he will direct once work on Godzilla and the Titans is finished and fans can do nothing but wait for more certain news and rely on the various rumors circulating on the network.

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