Fantastic 4, the Casting Begins: We Are Looking for the Perfect Interpreter for Sue Storm!

When it comes to the Fantastic 4 you have to tread lightly. Not only because we are talking about one of the most anticipated Hollywood projects in recent times but, above all, for the various problems that the pre-production of the film had. According to the latest rumors, castings should begin this month.

The news came from some insiders who released the indiscretion talking about how Marvel Studios wants to start this delicate process by looking for the right interpreter for the role of Sue Storm, the only female figure in the group. The attention that the production company seems to want to put to search for the perfect interpreters suggests not how much they care about the project but also how they don’t want to disappoint the very high expectations that fans have built in recent years.

Announced in 2020 at Disney Investor Day, the production of the film has been characterized by abandonments, postponements, and new entrances. This slowed down the production of the film and the search for its protagonists. After the abandonment of Jon Watts in the direction of The Fantastic 4 and the arrival of Matt Shakman, there have been many rumors that have alternated both regarding the story and possible actors who could play the main roles. For years now, fans have been hoping for the arrival of John Krasinski as Reed Richards in official guises (and no longer limited to a cameo) but, at the moment, Marvel’s intentions don’t seem to be very clear.

On the occasion of the start of work for Fantastic 4, Kevin Feige spoke of the project calling it exciting and creatively challenging.

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