Fantastic 4, the Cast of the Mcu Film is Unknown … And the Fans Are Losing Patience!

The release date of the MCU film Fantastic 4 MCU has been pushed back several times, and now, according to recent statements, it should arrive in theaters on February 14, 2025; yet, information on the interpreters of the Thing, the Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic and the Human Torch are still non-existent.

Insider Jeff Sneider initially shared on Reddit the studio’s willingness to ” look for a ‘Dakota Johnson-like actress for Sue Strom,” but fans continue to be confused about it: for one user, for example, ” it’s unfortunate that Dakota Johnson has already been cast in ‘whatever y’all are doing with Madame Web’ “, while for another ” if Sony has Aaron Taylor Johnson (Quicksilver) and Russel Crowe (Zeus) in their Kraven film, then there’s no reason why Dakota Johnson can’t do an encore, too .” A general sense of exasperation ensues, well represented by the following words: “Marvel please just announce the cast and get us out of this miserable situation. All this is unbearable. ”

The ironic posts of users contribute to improving the scenario, such as the meme of Will Ferrell exultant at the awareness that ” the cast of the Fantastic 4 of the MCU is finally announced and I no longer have to read the speculations of the fans; furthermore, some rumors allow make increasingly accurate guesses: is Ryan Gosling in pole position for a role in Fantastic 4?

The film will be directed by Matt Shakman, director of the series WandaVision. Many will remember the famous film The Fantastic 4 of 2005, with which Stan Lee was madly in love, and the question remains what will be the points in common with the new Marvel Cinematic Universe product.

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