Fantastic 4, Nate Moore Excites Fans: “They Will Be Surprised By What We Are Doing”

The Fantastic 4 is one of the most fan-favorite Marvel superhero teams but a satisfying film version has never been made. Initially, there was the Roger Corman project that never saw the light of day, the Fox double starring Chris Evans and Jessica Alba, and Josh Trank’s 2015 disaster.

Now that the rights to the characters are in Marvel Studios’ hands that Fantastic 4 will enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans can look forward to their return to the screen. Check out the latest Fantastic 4 rumors in our in-depth analysis.

Producer Nate Moore said, “We have Matt Shankman directing that he’s so talented and he’s made WandaVision for us, and I think people are going to be quite surprised by what we’re doing. ”
At the moment, the cast has not yet been announced and from this important piece, fans will begin to evaluate the MCU project.

According to what Kevin Feige anticipated, the cast should include Hollywood stars and new faces in the industry.
The casting of the Fantastic 4 hasn’t started yet but Feige and his team have been thinking for some time about how to make the most of the available material.

The first choice will be Sue Storm, played by Jessica Alba in the Fox film, and by Kate Mara in the tormented and highly criticized version of Josh Trank.

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