Fantastic 4: Director Explains Why He Abandoned Star Trek for the Mcu Film

The film dedicated to the Fantastic Four is undoubtedly one of the noisiest and most anticipated in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. As you well know, the cast of the film has not yet been revealed, unlike the identity of the director, who will be Matt Shakman.

At the time of his announcement, however, Shakman was working on Paramount’s fourth Star Trek film, which he abandoned in favor of the Marvel Studios’ fine comic.

“I had a blast working on ‘Star Trek’ for a little over a year, working closely with JJ Abrams and everyone at Paramount, and I love that franchise, and I love the cast that JJ has put together, it’s been amazing. It was an incredible pleasure to work with them on the fourth chapter,” revealed Shakman in a new interview with The Wrap, where he explained the reasons for his choice.

“But the movies have different journeys and momentum and the times are a bit fickle, and so when the ‘Fantastic Four’ opportunity presented itself, it was just too hard to pass upBeing able to go home to Marvel, we had already worked together on “WandaVision”, with those people who are wonderful collaborators. It’s a family and they are very similar in some ways: both were launched in the 60s, both were about optimism, looking to the stars, and technology that can fix everything and they were also about family — the family you have, the family you make. So they kind of align in some ways and they speak to my heart the same way, so I’m excited to be working on ‘Fantastic Four.’“.

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