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Falcon and the Winter Soldier successfully takes off

Falcon and the Winter Soldier successfully takes off

We are really far from WandaVision and its visual and narrative madness. But there is still something to be happy about! Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the first episode of which has just been posted on Disney Plus, is presented as a pure and hard action series, with a drama totally anchored on Earth. Already promising. Attention spoilers!

The story takes us back just after the end of Avengers: Endgame. A few billion humans who disappeared following Thanos’ snap have just returned to Earth. Tony Stark is dead. Captain America has vanished. But the world still needs heroes. He is more unstable than ever. Because of the “blip”, this 5-year eclipse followed by the reappearance of half of humanity shook the whole planet, which is now sailing a thread. A psychological and economic precariousness, which some villains intend to take advantage of. But who is going to stop these new small groups that are born on the networks and would like to return to the blessed time of the “snap”?

The first episode, very down-to-earth, asserts itself as a direct sequel to Avengers: Endgame, and shows great promises for the sequel.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier moves forward like this, with this first episode, as a direct sequel to the last MCU movie (if we don’t take Spider-Man: Far from Home into account ). The band of the Avengers is dislocated, in mourning even, and the Disney Plus series aims to tell their recovery in a very down-to-earth way, around the most human of them: Sam Wilson, this former soldier that nothing predestined really to become a hero, before crossing paths with Steve Rogers. No more sassy sitcom, we are a drama, feet glued to the ground, seeking to reflect a form of reality, far from the cosmic concerns of Nick Fury or the magical crisis of Wanda Maximoff.

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For now, this dramatic narrative rests largely on the shoulders of Anthony Mackie, who does the job perfectly, playing a Sam engaged in a new and very different mission, in big brother mode determined to help his sister, but whose bio-mechanical suit is not of much use in solving financial galleys or getting a loan at the bank.

On the other hand, it is magnificently valuable for fighting the bad guys, now in the service of the Air Force, like a breathtaking intro scene, and which promises big-action-big. -show in future episodes.

Because we understand from this first episode that  Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be like that, mixing human drama with “marvelous” battles, by weaving in the process new conspiratorial mythology which will take up the torch of Hydra, in a society dangerously panicked, crumbly and more than ever in search of a savior to protect itself. In short, very classic. To find a little madness, we will have to wait for Loki (June 11). But until then, Disney Plus’s second Marvel series promises to be very effective.

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