Euphoria: Zendaya Will Earn A Crazy Amount For Season 3!

After the postponement of the filming of Euphoria, recently some rumors have been chasing about the possible compensation that Zendaya would get for the third season of the upcoming HBO series. The protagonist of the series, who has already earned two Emmy Awards thanks to her interpretation of Rue, would earn a truly mind-boggling amount.

According to Puck’s Matthew Belloni, Zendaya is expected to make about $1 million an episode on season three of Euphoria. Regardless of the number of episodes that the season will consist of, this is an enormous amount, both for such a young star and for a television personality.

Many stars have surpassed the million-dollar-per-episode mark, mostly for limited series (Michael Keaton on Hulu’s Dopesick, Elisabeth Moss on Apple’s Shining Girls) or even ongoing series (Jason Sudeikis on Ted Lasso, Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren in 1923; Chris Pratt in The Terminal List), and especially when you look at the production fees. I’m told Zendaya just wrapped up a major re-negotiation for HBO’s Euphoria that probably puts her closer to that club, ” Belloni wrote.

As the reporter already mentioned, she’s by no means the first actress to be offered so much money for a TV role. The cast of Friends was making $1 million an episode when the show became a global phenomenon, which shows that HBO ranks Euphoria on the same level. Now that Zendaya’s schedule has cleared up and there seems to be nothing else on the horizon, apart from her role in the production of A White Lie, the third season of the series should arrive soon, news that will probably make you very happy the fans.

The series was paused for over a year given the commitments of Zendaya and the other actresses in the cast: Zendaya for the filming of Dune Part 2, while Sydney Sweeney was on the set of Madame Web, a Marvel film produced by Sony Pictures.

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