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England footballers and unicorns: behind the strange photos there is a ritual

England are in the semifinal of the European Championships, where they will face Denmark, on Wednesday 7 July at Wembley. After beating Ukraine 4-0 in the quarter-finals, Gareth Southgate’s boys relaxed and had fun in the pool, entertaining themselves with the inflatable unicorns that had become a hit during the 2018 World Cup. Among the most enthusiastic is the young Bukayo Saka, true protagonist of the day.

The England national team is having a great time. The team led by Gareth Southgate have reached the semi – finals of the European Championships , where they will face Denmark on Wednesday 7 July at Wembley, after having beaten Germany and Ukraine in series, the latter scoring four goals. England are also the only Euro 2020 team not to have conceded any goals yet and are the big favorites for the final win, having the chance to play the final four at home, at the Empire Stadium in London. Southgate, who took over the selection in 2016, was good not only in finding a technical and tactical team that led the Three Lions national team to the second consecutive semi-final after the 2018 World Cup, but also in creating a united group , cohesive, where everyone is rowing on the same side.

The England players feel good together and this is testified by the way they have fun both on and off the pitch, as told by the images posted on the Instagram profile of Her Majesty’s selection, which portray the members of the squad while having fun in the pool. of St George’s Park Sports Center. What made the British fans smile, however, was a detail noticed by all: the presence of inflatable unicorns , with which Bukayo Saka , Mason Mount , Declan Rice and Jadon Sancho have entertained . These specific aquatic toys are nothing new to the Southgate lineup, as evidenced by the caption accompanying the photos, which reads”The return!” . It is almost a superstitious ritual now. The unicorns, in fact, had made their first appearance during the 2018 World Cup in Russia and had attracted a lot of attention, so much so that a petition was also launched, signed by over 15 thousand people, to make the defender Harry Maguire camp on the saddle. inflatable on the £ 50 bill.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that among the comments to the images released yesterday by the English federation there are many in which photos of the Manchester United defender are requested on the unicorn. The one who, on the other hand, had the most fun riding the inflatable is definitely Bukayo Saka. The young Arsenal offensive winger, unexpected protagonist at Euro 2020 with two appearances, was the subject of a real photo book in which he showed himself smiling and happy to entertain himself in the pool with the toy. The same class of 2001 was also filmed in a very funny video, in which you can see losing your balance and ending up in the water. The enthusiasm of its young stars will be the extra weapon that Southgate will try to use to reach the final victory.


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