E3 News: Groot, “Avatar” and Captain Jack Sparrow

E3 News: Groot, “Avatar” and Captain Jack Sparrow

As part of this year’s E3, some of our favorite screen heroes were also mentioned. We summarize the big gaming show 2021 for you!

James Cameron’s sci-fi epic is expected to be given a new video game paint job shortly after the cinema release of “ Avatar 2 ”. As Ubisoft announced in the form of a first-look trailer, we will finally be able to roam through the fantastic flora and fauna of Pandora again as part of Navi in ​​2022. The first-person action-adventure will be titled “ Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora ” and inspire with an immersive open world that we can explore freely – and defend against invasive humanity. Judging by the first teaser, the game seems to work more as an independent story that is not directly related to the films.

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“Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora” will be released in 2022 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, the PC, and the two streaming services Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. A PS4 release is unfortunately not planned.

This time, by far the most famous movie pirate captain of all time: Jack Sparrow, provided the biggest surprise for E3 in the crossover area. As Microsoft and Xbox confirmed, the multiplayer hit ” Sea of ​​Thieves ” will soon be mixed up by the cult ” Pirates of the Caribbean ” drunkard. In Season 3 – already available from June 22nd – all gamers can look forward to a new story campaign: In “ A Pirate’s Life“(German title:“ A pirate life ”) you have to go to the prison island and free Jack from his cage. While you are looking for the reason for his captivity, a mighty pirate treasure, you will not only be pursued by the usual skeleton ships but top it all off, Jack’s old adversary Davy Jones. So always keep an eye on the water below you!For the crossover, the “Sea of ​​Thieves” developers worked closely with Disney to integrate the essence of the ” Pirates of the Caribbean ” series into the game as perfectly as possible. The mission is divided into five individual chapters, which can be played free of charge from June 22nd.

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