Demonic: Neill Blomkamp’s Horror Movie Has a Synopsis and Release Date

Demonic: Neill Blomkamp’s Horror Movie Has a Synopsis and Release Date

The director of District 9 filmed this project in secret.

Six years after Chappie, his last feature film, Neill Blomkamp’s return to business is taking shape. Distributor IFC Midnight (branch of IFC dedicated to genre films) has announced the release date of its next film, titled Demonic, scheduled for August 20, 2021, along with its synopsis. Unsurprisingly, it will be a mixture of horror and the supernatural:

” In Demonic, a young woman unleashes terrifying demons when supernatural forces behind a decades-old feud between mother and daughter are brutally revealed in this horror thriller from director Neill Blomkamp .”

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IFC has also unveiled three cast members, which will feature Carly Pope (already directed by Blomkamp in Elysium ), Chris William Martin ( Vampires Diaries ), and Michael Rogers. According to Collider, who relayed the info, a first trailer could be unveiled soon.

After years of galleys and aborted projects ( Alien 5,  Robocop Returns ), the South African filmmaker seems determined to come back in force. As a reminder, he has another film in preparation, Inferno, with Taylor Kitsch, the shooting of which has been postponed due to the health crisis. And he announced last February that he was writing the sequel to District 9, still with his wife, screenwriter  Terri Tatchell …

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