Deadpool 3, Speaks Ryan Reynolds: ‘it Will Be Like Walking on a Tightrope’

What can we expect from a film in which we see Deadpool and Wolverine together for the first time? The answer is only one: fireworks, whether it’s for better or for worse. To allow us to get a little more precise idea of ​​what we will see in this Deadpool 3 it was during these hours Ryan Reynolds, spoke to us about the tone of the film.

While the age-old feud with Hugh Jackman continues, this time concerning the still top secret title of Deadpool 3, Reynolds speaks to us of a film constantly in the balance, in which the action movie tones will have to be constantly balanced with the comedy ones that expect when it comes to Wade Wilson.

think it’s a tightrope walk. I mean, most of these movies are a tightrope walk in terms of tone, but in this case, two iconic characters already exist in the Marvel Ancillary Universe. , ed], only now we’re in the Marvel Cinematic Universe […] It’s all about finding ways to properly serve these two characters who are extraordinarily authentic to each other, but I think these negative signs will become a positive sign in a great way ” were the words of Reynolds.

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