DC’s James Gunn Responds To A Fan: ‘i Don’t Regret Changing My Mind’

Unlike other CEOs of major studios, it seems that James Gunn enjoys interacting with fans on social networks. The latest response came from a fan who, after some “contradictory” news, accused the director of lying to the fans. His reaction was not long in coming.

The controversy seems to have revolved around a recently published report that Ben Affleck is in the running for the direction of The Brave and the Bold. Recently, however, the director had expressed himself on Twitter saying that although he was interested in working with the former face of Batman, the actor-director was not directly involved in the project. The user does not seem to have taken very well what he thinks is an “excessive tendency to change his mind”.

While Kevin Smith has lauded Gunn’s habit of replying to fans, it seems things have gotten a little more complicated this time around. ” It’s been my commitment to the fans for years never to lie to them… and I never have, ” replied the director. ” I’d be very curious to know what you think I lied about .” The user does not seem to have given up, re-sharing some previously made statements. Gunn’s response was simply that he changed his mind and was not ashamed of it.

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