Dc Universe, James Gunn Confirms the Multiverse: ‘it Will Be an Elseworld Thing’

What role does The Batman play in the DC Universe? And Joker? Will it all be part of the same universe or will it be parallel storylines? We have asked ourselves these questions several times over the past few months before James Gunn answered them a few minutes ago: the DC Studios boss has finally clarified his plans.

After announcing the first DC Universe projects, Gunn explained that he wanted to adopt an Elseworld approach for this newborn shared universe: the DC Universe will therefore follow a single timeline, but other projects such as the aforementioned The Batman and Joker will continue to go their way completely independently.

Yes, the DC is a multiverse, but we will focus on just one universe of this multiverse. And if something is not part of the DC Universe we will make it very clear. So there will be more adult things like Todd Philips, Joker, or even animation projects for kids like Teen Titans Go, but we’ll say very clearly that it’s DC Elseworlds just like in the comics ” were the director’s words.

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