DC Universe: Is Michael B. Jordan’s Superman Still Alive?

When James Gunn and Peter Safran announced phase one of the new DCU, Gods & Monsters, everyone’s attention focused, as it was obvious, on the titles unveiled by the duo and, consequently, on the great absences.

While Gunn teased the debut of five fan-favorite characters, the expected and unmentioned names include the third Aquaman film, the new Shazam, and Gal Gadot’s third Wonder Woman adventure. And while the Elseworlds project will allow space for all non-canonical stories such as the sequels to Matt Reeves‘ Batman or Todd Phillips‘ Joker, one still wonders what happened to Michael B. Jordan’s Superman.

We know that Gunn has taken a clear and drastic position regarding Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson, but we have no idea what is the fate of the Californian actor and director’s Man of Steel, in theaters with the latest film in the saga of Creed that he directed and starred in, and that he responded, on the merits, to an Entertainment Tonight reporter who asked him about his involvement in a new film on the Kryptonian: “ Who said that? Who said it? You said it. I haven’t even heard any rumors about it. HI!”

Of course, that can’t tell us anything about how much Jordan knows either, perhaps without the possibility of revealing anything.

With Legacy slated for summer 2025 and JJ Abrams’ project still floating around, one might think there isn’t enough room in the new DCU’s multiverse for three different Superman works.

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