Dc Universe, Gunn and Safran on Jason Momoa: ‘lobo? We Will Decide After Aquaman 2’

DC fans don’t want to say goodbye to Jason Momoa: despite the generally shaky reviews reserved for the films of the old franchise, many seem to have grown fond of the ex-Game of Thrones star, who has long been teased to return to the Lobo cloths. But how are things?

James Gunn and Peter Safran spoke about it, on the day of the big DC Universe-themed announcements, who while denying that the actor can be asked to play two characters did not deny the possibility of talking about a possible change of dress.

” Jason won’t play two characters, despite what you guys think ” were the peremptory words of James Gunn, who then added that he still gets along very well with the Dune actor. Peter Safran then intervened, who let himself go to an opening not too shy: ” It’s too early, look… Jason has always imagined Aquaman as a trilogy. But look, he loves Lobo. It was really clear that too. He won’t be playing two characters, but no decision has been made yet,” the producer explained.

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