Dc Elseworlds: Let’s Find Out What Are the 5 Confirmed Films

James Gunn has confirmed that several projects will be developed within the DC Elseworlds, a series of products that will detach from the new plot to tell of alternative storylines with different settings and styles.

Since 1942, the house of Batman has been developing stories that do not combine with the official continuity of the DC universe, including them, since 1989, in the Elseworlds, presented starting with Batman: Gotham by Gaslight. The basic idea is the same as the Marvel What if series, with the characters transported to different eras or grappling with time arcs parallel to those of the established canon. The new road taken by DC Studios is already paved with 5 Elseworlds projects in production: let’s discover them one by one.

  • Blue Beetle: Slated for August 2023, the film will star Jaime Reyes, a boy who gains superpowers after alien beetle implants itself in him by reinforcing him with a powerful exoskeleton. Gunn has confirmed the film as an Elseworlds project disconnected from all other DCU works
  • Joker: Folie A Deux: Todd Phillips’ smash hit will have its sequel in DC’s alternate projects, while allowing Joaquin Phoenix to continue bringing his Joker to screen and DC Studios to bring another version to screens, more classic, of the villain and Harley Quinn. The theatrical release of the film by the New York director is scheduled for 2024.
  • The Batman – Part 2: Matt Reeves’ Batman was conceived from the beginning as a trailblazer for a new shared universe, outside of the standard DC universe. In the pipeline for Elseworlds, there are two sequels and two spinoffs for TV currently in production thanks to HBO.
  • Constantine 2: the film with Keanu Reeves, released in 2005 well before the advent of the now defunct DCEU, will finally have a sequel. Gunn has not released details regarding the return of the demon hunter, but the production of the second chapter announced in September of 2022 has been confirmed.
  • Black Superman: In 2021 Ta-Nehisi Coates announced plans to direct an alternate version of Superman featuring a black-skinned Man of Steel. While not mentioned in the DCU announcements, the author and journalist’s film is still alive, with Gunn and Safran awaiting Coates’ draft script.

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