Dc Casting Announcements Coming Sooner Than You Think: Confirms James Gunn!

James Gunn continues to tease fans on his social pages, and after sharing the top 10 DC characters most loved by fans in these hours, the new DC Studios CEO commented on the timing of casting announcements for the many new DCU projects.

As you can see in the post at the bottom of the article James Gunn appeared on the social network Twitter to respond to one of his followers curious to know how soon DC will communicate some of the main castings of the new reboot saga, and if that will happen. six months from now: without going into too many details, Gunn confirmed that ‘yes’, within the next six months DC will announce some news regarding the casting of the primary roles of the new DCU.

In recent months, James Gunn has been speaking with his followers. After having repeatedly stated that the presentation of DC Studios would take place by the end of January 2023, the author organized the panel of the first Chapter of the DCU l last day available, January 31st. This is to say that fans of the saga will probably be satisfied in terms of casting by the end of August.

We recall that at the moment the only DCU project with an already fixed release date is Superman: Legacy, which will be released on July 11, 2025, therefore it is reasonable to expect that the first actor to be announced will be the one who will interpret the new Superman, but who knows: maybe DC Studios will want to go big for their relaunch and will announce in one fell swoop even the new interpreters of Batman and other essential characters in the saga just like they did for the first films of the franchise.

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