DC Cancels Pennyworth Series, No Season 4

Season 3 was the last for the prequel adventures of Bruce Wayne’s Butler, so it won’t have a true ending.

It was pretty predictable, given the complete rebuilding of the DC Universe. James Gunn no longer wants the series disconnected from the main franchise – except “Elsworlds” exemption. Suddenly, after the cancellations of Doom Patrol and TitansPennyworth is canceled on HBO Max.

A cruel decision for the fans, since season 3 has already ended since the end of November 2022 and ended without a real end, leaving a lot of questions unanswered. We do not know, in particular, what happened to Samantha Wayne and how it is connected to V for Vendetta … We will have to deal with it. Pennyworth will not have a season 4…

“While HBO Max will not be ordering another season of Pennyworth, About Batman’s Butler Origins, we are very grateful to creator Bruno Heller and executive producers Matthew Patnick, Danny Cannon, and John Stephens, as well as Warner Bros. Television, for their brilliant, unique and captivating depiction of the origin of Alfred Pennyworth, one of the most iconic characters in the world of Batman,” said HBO Max soberly in a press release.

In Pennyworth, we were told that Alfred, the Waynes’ loyal butler, was a former British SAS soldier, who had formed a security company in 1960s London, working with young billionaire Thomas Wayne and his wife. Martha… A rich and very detailed backstory, which was, suddenly, much too cumbersome for the new DC Universe and its new Batman.

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