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Cristiano Ronaldo attacked for a play: “A fool, Germany’s comeback is his fault”

Cristiano Ronaldo has received much criticism despite Portugal’s momentary advantage against Germany. The reason? An exceptional play that however proved counterproductive, hurting the German national team’s pride, which then managed to recover and take home the victory.

Cristiano Ronaldo was one of the protagonists of the match between Portugal and Germany. His goal of the Lusitanian advantage, before the collapse under the blows of the German national team. However, some have attributed to the Juventus player the responsibility of having made the opposing players “angry”, unconsciously encouraging them to try in every way the comeback which then materialized. This is Dieter Hamann, the former pivot of Germany.

The ex of Bayern, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester City did not like the attitude of CR7, especially in one situation. When on the score of 1-0 he became the protagonist of a no-look heel strike to serve an opponent. A play undoubtedly by applause, but in Hamann’s opinion counterproductive: ” I think it is nonsense. He throws himself towards the ball, pretends to catch it, hits it with the heel, and looks away. Obviously, it is an incredible play and we know it is in his ropes, but I think he’s humiliating his opponent in a way. ”

And Hamann did not mince words to define Ronaldo who upset his opponents, who felt almost mocked by that play: ” He is certainly the best, with Messi. But he seems stupid with this play, in the end, you are on the side. 1-0. He seems like a fool. If you ask the German players, they will tell you that they have noticed Ronaldo’s attitude and everyone will admit that with that no-look heel he gave them something more, encouraging them to change things. Maybe that’s where Germany’s comeback began. ” In short, the CR7 no-look heel, according to Hamann, would have set the tone for Germany’s return to the game, which felt wounded in pride. Now what is certain is that it will take the best Ronaldo to try and beat France and snatch the qualification from the second round.


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