Creed 3, Michael B Jordan Confirms The Creed Universe: “Very Excited About It”

This week Creed III directed by Michael B Jordan will arrive in theatre in his directorial debut, but apparently, the interpreter of Adonis Creed after the ‘new trilogy’ of the Rocky franchise is not yet ready to hang up his gloves.

On the red carpet of the premiere organized in these hours in Los Angeles, speaking with Deadline, the star anticipated other films set in the world of Creed, declaring: ” Building the Creed universe is something I’m excited about “. Last year, it was announced that MGM is working on a spinoff titled Dragon with screenwriter Robert Lawton, while a few days ago Michael B Jordan himself talked about Creed 4 and other potential spin-offs.

Furthermore, always during the presentation of his first film as a director, Michael B Jordan praised the production team for the teamwork done on the set while working on the new chapter of the saga: “ The journey of the last three years has been incredible. I never thought I could do what I seem to be able to do, ” said the actor. “ And I certainly could not have done it without the people of this incredible cast and crew. It was a great job. TeamworkEvery day I came to set wanting to impress them I wanted to let everyone know I wasn’t just doing it for work, and in the end, we built a Creed family: Thank you guys, thank you for supporting me every step of the way, even when it was difficult .”

The writer has already had the opportunity to see the film and, waiting for a complete review, can calmly throw a spear in favor of Michael B Jordan’s directorial debut, especially as regards the scenes in the ring: the enthusiasm that emerged with the first reviews of Creed III arrived from the USA can be shared, to say the least.

Creed III will be released on March 2nd.

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