Creed 3: it’s confirmed, Michael B. Jordan will direct the film

Creed: A return planned for the end of 2022

After Creed (2015,2018), in which he had donned the costume of Adonis Creed, Michael B. Jordan will also be the director of the third and last Rocky derivative film,  Creed III. Succeeding  Ryan Coogler and Steven Caple Jr behind the camera, he will also be the producer of the feature film and still in the skin of the main character. Regarding the casting, the two actresses Tessa Thompson (Bianca) and Phylicia Rashad should also be present.

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For Michael B. Jordan, directing was a long-standing idea: ” Directing has always been an aspiration, but the moment had to be right .” In a press release, the actor also confides that he is more mature and at ease professionally, and therefore capable of carrying out this project. ” I learn from greats like Ryan Coogler […] or Denzel Washington .”

This Movie is set to hit theaters in November 2022.

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