Captain America: New World Order Will See the Debut of the New Falcon in the MCU?

We still don’t know much about Captain America: New World Order, the Marvel Studios film that will serve as a continuation to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier franchise, which ended with Sam Wilson repossessing Captain America’s shield. The series had him as the new official Cap of the MCU, but will the film also have the new Falcon?

It’s not the first time we’ve heard this rumor, but a reliable insider would argue that Danny Ramirez will indeed be playing the MCU’s newest Falcon in Captain America: New World Order.

We first met the character in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but while he’s one of Sam Wilson’s closest allies, he didn’t play a major role in the series, whose main focus was elsewhere. Fans suspected that introducing him could be a way to lay the groundwork for something bigger, so it makes sense to expect him in his new uniform in the upcoming Captain America film.

In the comics, Joaquin was a Mexican immigrant caring for undocumented migrants crossing the border into America. This led to him being targeted by the Sons of the Serpent, with the evil Malus experimenting on him to create more than just a costumed Falcon. When his DNA was spliced ​​with that of Sam’s psychic hawk, Redwing, Joaquin grew wings and claws and gained bird-like senses, as well as various other superpowers.

Now, Marvel Studios is likely to give Ramirez’s character a new costume and have him fight alongside Sam as the new Falcon. But with The Leader (Tim Blake Nelson) returning in Captain America: New World Order, we can rule out the possibility of him conducting experiments on Joaquin to create a very different Falcon for the MCU.

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