Captain America 4: After So Many Best Friends for Sam Wilson is the First Romance Coming?

A new indiscretion leaked in these hours about the Marvel Cinematic Universe trying to anticipate a big turning point in the life of Sam Wilson, the new Captain America heir to Steve Rogers who will be the protagonist of the next Marvel Studios film Captain America: New World Order.

As you will recall, Sam Wilson’s journey in the MCU so far has been defined by his friendships, first by the one with Steve Rogers and then by the dynamics that characterized his relationship with Bucky Barnes, both before and during the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But now it seems that during what will be his first standalone film, between one villain and another in Captain America 4 Sam will finally be ready to look for love.

According to information shared by The Cosmic Circus, the character of Leia Taylor will make her MCU debut in Captain America 4, directed by Julius Onah. Although not one of the most famous Marvel characters ever, Leila Taylor has always been Sam’s main sentimental interest in the comics since the 1970s: a sort of Lois Lane for Superman, Leila is a journalist who has often covered the role of ‘damsel in distress’ in Falcon’s adventures could save her. It hasn’t been 100% confirmed, but it’s generally believed that the recent Captain America 4 cast addition Xosha Roquemore was cast for this role.

Of course, we will keep you updated, so stay tuned: Captain America: New World Order will arrive on May 3, 2024.

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