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Borussia Dortmund talent with a touching story

Borussia Dortmund talent with a touching story

Borussia Dortmund has again strengthened itself with a promising youngster. The story behind the transfer is touching.

Our dream has gotten a little bit closer because of you.

Shaped by the impressions of the past year, Yuliya Krevsun’s relief was palpable. A week ago, the Ukrainian proudly presented on Instagram: her son did it.

Like thousands of other young people, Danylo wants to fulfill his dream of paid football. Trained at Shakhtar Donetsk’s academy, the young talent was held in high esteem by the top Ukrainian club. The leap into the professional squad – is within reach.

But as so often, everything turned out differently. Because of the Russian war of aggression, Danylo and his mother Yuliya had to leave their old lives behind in March 2022.

Still keeping his big goal firmly in sight, the now 17-year-old stayed in Poland until last autumn in order to be able to continue wearing the Hirnyky jersey despite the exceptional situation in his own country.

Refuge in Germany

Last September, however, this chapter also came to an abrupt end for Krevsov. Mother and son followed the call of ex-athlete Jana Hartmann and her husband Marcus Hoselmann and found their new home in Germany.

Since Yuliya also competed as an athlete during her active time, the contact was from earlier competition times. Because of their shared past, Hartmann contacted her former comrade-in-arms immediately after the war began.

“I wrote to her directly that she could come to us,” reported Hartmann on

Danilo quickly networked and joined the SC Preussen Munster U19s. It didn’t take long before it became clear in Germany too: the 17-year-old is a really exceptional talent.

Four goals and another template in seven A youth Bundesliga games speak volumes – and aroused the interest of top German clubs.

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“Glad to be here”

Now it’s clear: the youngster is drawn to the eight-time German champions in Dortmund. After Christian Pulisic, Jadon Sancho, or Youssoufa Moukoko, the Ukrainian could become Borussia’s next figurehead.

The midfielder announced his move via Instagram himself.

With a grin on his face, standing next to his proud mother, the new BVB player showed up at the signing of the contract and wrote: “Glad to be here!”

Mama Yuliya also insisted on capturing her son’s sporting success in the media. In her post on Instagram, she found words of appreciation for her son, who, despite all the circumstances, did not lose sight of his goal. “Dreams come true. Provided you work hard.”

Krevsov also values ​​the care of her friend Jana Hartmann and her husband. She also thanked her German friends and wrote: “Thanks to you, our dream has come a little closer.”

The Ukrainian should initially be used for the Borussia youth team. U19 coach Mike Tulberg confirmed the change to Ruhr Nachrichten.

The trainer lauded him, saying, “He’s doing the group a lot of good because he doesn’t take anything for granted but instead seeks to grow better every second.” The other players can clearly see how unique it is to play for Borussia Dortmund because of this.

Borussia Dortmund talent with a touching story
Borussia Dortmund talent with a touching story

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