Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Letitia Wright Clarifies on the Sequel: “It’s Just a Hope”

Some time ago Letitia Wright said during an interview for Variety that for the next Black Panther film: “We are already at work. We have spent two fantastic years to be able to build this film and everyone has come together to support it.

In Wright’s statements on Black Panther 3, the actress had then added: ” We need a little break, we have to regroup and director Ryan Coogler needs to get back in the studio so that it will take some time, but we are excited and can’t wait for you to see it .” And again: “ I always try to use positive words and think positive and I believe that somehow this way of doing can affect our future and why not, even Black Panther 3 “.

In one of her last interviews for BuzzFeed, the actress specified what she meant with the previous statements: ” What I meant to say, maybe I didn’t explain it clearly, to clarify, is that there is always hope that there is another movie, especially in a franchise. If there’s another movie, and I hope there is, I think there will be; it takes time to make it; you have to go through the script process.”

Speaking of director Coogler, the actress said that ” she needs to rest and think about the next project “. For her part, Ryan Coogler is ready for a sequel, ” as long as they want me “.

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