Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, How Did Michael B. Jordan Keep the Cameo Secret?

Actors like Tom Holland will know very well how difficult it is to keep the secrets of new upcoming projects, especially projects that are highly anticipated and constantly in the spotlight. Still, Michael B. Jordan‘s cameo in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever came as a complete surprise to the audience. How was it possible to keep it secret?

Who would have suspected Kill monger’s return at THAT moment in the second chapter of Black Panther? No one in the public was surprised. Finally, the actor revealed the difficulty of this secret. During an interview for Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show, the actor said: ” It’s difficult, you know? To come back I had to grow my hair out, and I had to keep it a secret. I had dreadlocks and other character traits. Meanwhile, I was traveling, so I had to put on a hat, and a cowl, and travel privately, which isn’t too bad. But keeping it a secret has been a really difficult undertaking .”

The actor then takes into consideration the climate and atmosphere following the passing of Chadwick Boseman, and Ryan Coogler’s feat to ” evolve the script and the story in a way that honors Chadwick but still carries on a franchise .” The director has succeeded admirably, so much so that after Wakanda Forever the first steps for Black Panther 3 begin to appear.

The same protagonist of Wakanda Forever said at the Golden Globes that: ” I always try to use positive words and think positive and I believe that in some way this way of doing can affect our future and why not, even on Black Panther 3 “, declaring Ofstay already at work for Black Panther 3.

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