Black Panther 2, Nate Moore: ‘letitia Wright’s Injury the Scariest Moment’

Staging a film like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is never easy, even more so when the weight of the responsibility of paying the right tribute to someone like Chadwick Boseman rests on your shoulders: a situation that certainly doesn’t improve if your actress protagonist suffers a serious injury.

While Black Panther: Wakanda Forever prepares for release on Disney +, therefore, director Nate Moore retraces the moments in which he learned of the injury to Letitia Wright, following which the shooting of the film inevitably suffered a major slowdown.

” Panther was a tough movie to bring to the big screen, but the scariest moment was when Tish got hurt. We were shooting some second unit and stunt stuff in Boston. The whole crew was in Atlanta, so I was called in the middle of the night by an ambulance. It’s scary because at that point it’s not about the film anymore, but about a person, a person I’ve known for years. As a producer, you feel responsible. […] For her, it’s ” It was a big and traumatic thing to go through. To be honest, you never know if you’ll ever fully recover from something like this, but she did it, ” said the director.

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