Black Panther 2, Mabel Cadena: ‘I Almost Broke Kate Winslet’s Freediving Record’

Avatar: The Water Way not only marked yet another extraordinary acting performance by Kate Winslet but also a great sporting performance by the actress: Ronal’s star set a record of no less than 7 minutes in apnea… But soon she was almost overtaken by her colleague Mabel Cadena in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!

While Letitia Wright clarifies her position on a third Black Panther, Cadena recalls having resisted for quite a few minutes underwater while filming the scenes set in Talokan, ending up dangerously close to the record achieved a few months earlier by the star of Titanic.

” My first dive lasted 30 seconds, but that same day I was able to last 6 minutes and 35 seconds. The training was fantastic, on the same day I managed to see a huge difference between the first and second dives. I am very competitive, so Chris, my trainer, told me: ‘Kate Winslet holds the record, so if you want to come out on top you have to learn a lot.’ I was close to Kate Winslet at one point, but now I don’t have time for a new record ” were the words of the actress.

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