Black Panther 2, Angela Bassett – ‘my Favorite Part? Reunite With the Cast’

Returning to Wakanda was a great time for the entire cast of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, despite (or perhaps, especially with) mourning the passing of Chadwick Boseman to deal with in the place that best represents the actor’s legacy. A speech that therefore also applies to Queen Ramonda, aka Angela Bassett.

While there is talk of a possible spin-off on Okojie, Bassett enjoys the victory at the Critics Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress: precisely on the occasion of the award ceremony, the actress, therefore, spoke of what was the moment for her most significant of the new Marvel Cinematic Universe film… And no, this is not a scene that we could see on the big screen.

” It was reuniting with the cast and crew once again, still having enough stories to tell and being able to tell them with so much heart, so much love, and so much resilience ” were Bassett’s words, who in this way wanted them to thank all those who participated in the making of the film on the heavy legacy of T’Challa.

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