Benedict Cumberbatch to play WWII magician

Benedict Cumberbatch to play WWII magician

After Jurassic World 3, Colin Trevorrow tackles an extraordinary true story.

It’s not only at Marvel that the interpreter of Doctor Strange does the magic. Deadline reveals that Benedict Cumberbatch has just signed with StudioCanal to play Jasper Maskelyne. An English illusionist who allegedly used his talents as a conjurer to deceive Nazi Erwin Rommel during World War II. He teamed up with other magicians from Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. As well as a soldier in a group nicknamed the “magic gang”.
benedict cumberbatch
The making of this film called War Magician.

Colin Trevorrow. Who has just completed the filming of Jurassic World 3, is attached to the making of this film called War Magician. The screenplay is written by E. Nicholas Mariani ( The Man in a Black Suit). From the eponymous novel by David Fisher. If he died anonymously in 1973. Jasper Maskelyne had built a certain reputation in England during the conflict by participating in large-scale operations. The group of illusionists helped fight the Nazis through tricks elaborate and camouflages during WWII. Including the manufacture of dummy tanks, gadgets, and decoys to deceive the German army. Ian Fleming would even have been inspired by him to imagine the character of Q. Who helps James Bond in his missions by conceiving him more ingenious inventions than the others!.

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