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The Belgian fan responds to the insults of the Italians: “The mother of idiots is always pregnant”

Eefje Depoortere has had worldwide popularity after posting a video in which he jokes about Italy, he had done so before the match with Belgium. The Belgian TV presenter had broken some spaghetti and then covered them with mayonnaise and chips. After Italy’s 2-1, that video went viral and Depoortere was heavily offended. After the first attacks Eefje apologized. But the offenses continued and in a subsequent video she showed shameful words that were written to her and closed the video by saying: “The mother of idiots is always pregnant”.

Before Belgium-Italy of the quarter-finals of the European Championships, Eefje Depoortere, a Belgian TV presenter, posted a video on social media that quickly went viral, a video in which she is seen breaking spaghetti and eating pasta with mayonnaise and chips in the sense provocative. That video became, in spite of itself, very popular and unfortunately many people wrote in private to Eefje Depoortere that she was badly offended. Two days after the game, and after a subsequent Depoortere video in which he decided to apologize, Depoortere published another one that underlined the too many offenses received and closed the video with a very sharp Italian sentence.

The video of the TV presenter before Belgium-Italy
Wearing the Belgium shirt, Depoortere in a video showed herself breaking up spaghetti, cutting them with a knife and fork, adding mayonnaise before adding chips, then eating her pasta. Many have not been kind to her before and after the game, while many have made fun of that video, including Claudio Marchisio, formerly of Juventus, now a talent of Rai, who dedicated a social post to her.

Eefje Depoortere apologizes and attacks those who offended her
A few hours after the match, won 2-1 by the Italian national team, Eefje admitted the defeat of the Red Devils by trying to ‘hang up’ the spaghetti with adhesive tape. So she tried to calm the controversy, but it was not enough. And so Depoortere had to publish another video to try to definitively close the controversy. The TV presenter in this video said she loved Italy and apologized again, but she also showed many ugly and shameful offenses that she received in the hours following the meeting and after apologizing she closed by saying: “The mother of idiots she is always pregnant “.


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