Batman: the Brave & the Bold, Quali Villain Per Batman E Robin? Parlano I Fan

After discussing the possible new Batman costume for Batman The Brave & The Bold, the new film in the Dark Knight saga produced by James Gunn for the new DCU narrative universe of DC Studios, fans in these hours have moved on to hypotheses about the villain.

What villains could Batman: The Brave and the Bold includeFans on Reddit have gone wild in recent days, and some of them have proposed interesting solutions for the future of the saga, which will necessarily have to interface with that of Matt Reeves‘ The Batman to avoid re-proposing ideas and situations that are too similar to each other.

In this sense, the considerations of the user DC_Cinematic seem sensible, whose forecasts take into account that James Gunn could use the lesser-known villains of the Batman saga, the more eccentric ones in pure Gunn style and those never (or rarely) appearing on the great screen, such as Clayface, Mad Hatter, Ventriloquist, and Poison Ivy, whose only appearance in the cinema remains that of Uma Thurman in Batman & Robin of 1997. But also the user TheBossRayden, who spoke in the comments, is not entirely wrong when notes that villain must always reflect the theme of the film in which they appear and that James Gunn can’t just ‘throw in’ characters at random: rather, considering that Batman The Brave & The Bold will revolve around the father-son theme, with Bruce having to ‘fight for Damian’s soul’ and push him to his side, adversaries like Two-Face, Deathstroke, Talon, Hush or Talia Al herself could come in handy Ghul, villains that have always shown ambivalence towards light and darkness.

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