Batman the Brave and the Bold: Who Will Be the Actor Instead of Ben Affleck

James Gunn‘s new plans for the DCU include a new Batman film for the canon universe: The Brave and the Bold, which will focus on the story of Bruce Wayne and his son Damian, the future Robin of the new DC era.

If we know that the Batman played by Robert Pattinson will return to the multiverse designed by DC in the Elseworlds stories, there is still little to know about the next batman film that will be part of the official DCU.

However, we can be sure of the fact that what will be presented to us will be a more mature and older Bruce Wayne: this detail opens the way to a whole new series of choices for the interpreter, who must be old enough to be believable as a parent, but at the same time young enough to be able to carry the franchise forward for the next few years. The names that go around in this sense are many and all interesting.

From the name of Jensen Ackles to that of Jake Gyllenhaal via Michael FassbenderJon Hamm and Richard Madden, the actors who in recent days have been associated with the role of Bruce Wayne have different profiles, each capable of intriguing fans of the avenger of Gotham.

James Gunn explained that The Brave and the Bold will mainly focus on the figure of Damian and will work as an introduction to the new Batman DCU.

While waiting for more precise information on Batman’s interpreter and on the plot of this new film, we can continue to have fun imagining the most suitable names for the role, never seen before in cinema, of a Batman father.

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