Batgirl, Leslie Grace on Cancellation: ‘I Knew It Like You All’

The cancellation of Batgirl was a bolt from the blue for millions of DC fans who hoped to be able to see Leslie Grace in the role of the famous superheroine, flanked moreover by colleagues such as Brendan Fraser and Michael Keaton: the decision of the Studios, however, it came unexpected even for those directly involved.

Leslie Grace herself spoke about it, after having defined Batgirl as anything but unpublishable: the actress recalled that she had learned of the cancellation of the film just like any fan, without first receiving any kind of notice (despite, of course, the problems occurred in the production phase were known).

“ found out as did all of you. Suddenly my phone exploded, it was like popping a balloon. I was focused that day on keeping everything inside, but I was also so certain of the magic that had happened, both my experience is what I had seen among the cast and team members, who thought, ‘Something crazy must have happened that we have no kind of control over’ ” were the words of the actress.

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