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Barça Investing in Haaland is sure to be profitable

Josep Maria Bartomeu was president of Barça between January 23, 2014, and October 27, 2020. Six years and nine months in which 13 titles were won (4 Leagues, 4 Cups, 2 Spanish Super Cups, 1 European Super Cup, 1 Champions League, and 1 Club World Cup). but at a very high price: 1,269 million euros were spent on 41 transfers.

A total of 24 of the players incorporated in his stage are no longer in the club. 10 are substitutes and only 7 have won ownership with Koeman. Ter Stegen (cost 12 million), Dest (21 million), Lenglet (36 million ), Pedri (10 million). De Jong (86 million), Griezmann (135 million) And Dembélé (135 million).

The balance is dramatic for the club’s economy. Much of the debt (beyond the decline in income due to the coronavirus pandemic). Has been generated by the many disastrous transfers perpetrated by Bartomeu and his collaborators. Players paid at the price of gold who have neither surrendered nor have a place in the Blaugrana squad.

Barça Investing in Haaland is sure to be profitable

This policy must change. Not only because of Barça’s economic problems but because of the conviction of the new president, Joan Laporta. The model cannot be that of the last years of waste. You have to sign little and well. Footballers who adapt to the Barça game and not the other way around. And continue to blatantly bet on the quarry as Koeman is doing with such courage and success.

It is the only viable path. A path that includes, of course, incorporating a great star like Haaland because there is no better striker in the world. The Norwegian is a footballer who will make a difference. In which it is worth investing the more than 100 million euros that it will cost.

We will have to sell a lot to buy the ‘9’ of the present and the future. But there are plenty of footballers to put Barça on the market. Of course, not at the exorbitant price for which they were signed. They will have to be disposed of at balance value. Although, at the moment, any euro that is entered, counts. And more if it is to bring Haaland.

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