Bad Boys 4, It’s Official: the Fourth Chapter With Will Smith is in Pre-production!

It was thought that a slap could stop the Bad Boys sequel, and indeed for some time, it has been. But now, the same actor who has long been in the spotlight for the insulting gesture, Will Smith >, has announced that Bad Boys 4 is officially in pre-production.

A new post by Will Smith celebrates it directly on Instagram. The Hollywood actor takes his video camera, gets into the car, and in the meantime announces something big… once the figure of Martin Lawrence appears, there is no longer any doubt: the bad boys are making a comeback.

At this point it seems official: Will Smith will return in Bad Boys 4. The enthusiasm of the two protagonists is undeniable, and the fans’ comments are overflowing with excitement. Detectives Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) and Mike Lowrey (Smith) will return to capture the real bad boys of the city.

The project now seemed far from returning as strong as before, after what happened during the Oscars ceremony. Yet producer Jerry Bruckheimer always claimed that Will Smith was an actor worthy of the public’s forgiveness, for a mistake that according to him did not correspond with his person and his acting value. That physical slap could turn into a slap in the face of his career, which heralded a series of blocked projects (and still his exclusion from the Academy does not bode well). But that’s not the case with Bad Boys.

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