Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, Anthony Mackie Hints That Cap Will Not Be the Leader?

Just as MCU fans have been getting word about Tom Holland’s future in the Marvel Studios saga and Spiderman’s role as the lead in Avengers The Kang Dynasty, fellow Avenger Anthony Mackie appears to be stepping back from his role as team leader.

In a recent interview with Empire, the interpreter of Sam Wilson, who during the mini-series Falcon & The Winter Soldier definitively inherited Steve Rogers’ shield becoming the new Captain America of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, commented on the possibility that Sam can take the lead of the Avengers in the upcoming crossover films of the saga but, although careful not to reveal any type of information on the future of the franchise, the actor has shown to say the least hesitant about it.

“ You know, Sam is the only team member without superpowers,” Mackie said. He‘s just a regular guy who decides to team up with a bunch of weirdos. Being from New Orleans, I’ve been in a few fights in my life. And heart and charisma in a fight don’t help you much. Usually, I’ve taken them, and quite a few. So for him, it might be a problem when it comes to fighting people like, I don’t know, ThanosI consider him a more human Cap than a judge and leader Cap. ”

While the actor may attribute Sam Wilson’s lack of superpowers to his ability to lead the Avengers, however, for Anthony Mackie the new Captain America’s superpower is his humanity: will that be enough to make him a leader on a par with Steve Rogers? We’ll see.

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