Avatar Once More Becomes the Globe’s Biggest Box Office Hit

When Avengers: Endgame beat Avatar at the box office in July 2019, James Cameron congratulated Marvel on Twitter  :

Thank you to the Chinese public, who saw it en masse this weekend!

This weekend, the situation was reversed following the re-release of 2009. SF blockbuster in Chinese theaters. Avatar once again became the biggest box office success in the world. accumulating 2.802 billion dollars in revenue compared to 2.797 for the last installment of Avengers. Note that the two blockbusters are now the property of Disney studios since the firm bought 20th Century Fox. Which produced Avatar.

Avatar Once More Becomes the Globe’s Biggest Box Office Hit

We are proud to achieve this nice score. But Jim and I are especially delighted that the film was able to come out in theaters in this unprecedented period. Commented producer Jon Landau. We would like to thank our Chinese fans for their support. We are working hard right now on the next Avatar films. And look forward to sharing the rest of this epic story with you in the years to come. ”

Almost two years after their victory, the team at Marvel, in turn. Congratulated the creators of Avatar on this new record, while slipping a little nod to Avengers 4. Well done to James Cameron, Jon Landau, and the whole nation of the Na’Vi for claiming their crown at the box office!. We love you 3000.

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