Avatar 3, When is the Next James Cameron Sequel Coming Out?

Avatar – The Water Way has been in theaters since December 14, 2022, thirteen years after the first chapter. The success has been so great that fans are wondering when Avatar 3 will be released, in the hope that this time the times will be faster.

In reality, the producers have very concrete ideas for the third chapter of the saga, which should be distributed on December 20, 2024, with the provisional title of The Seed Bearer. From that moment, a new chapter will be released every two years, until the succession of six films initially conceived by James Cameron is obtained. Yet these dates aren’t to be taken too rigidly — just think of when Cameron hinted that the next Avatars might be delayed.

Not only is an indicative date already available: Avatar 3 has already been filmed, as the director recalled. If the latter has decided to carry out such a monumental (and risky in economic terms) operation, it is precisely to avoid what he has defined as the ” Stranger Things effect “, i.e. mature actors who find themselves playing characters of a much older age. small.

“ Otherwise I would have gotten – I love Stranger Things, put my hands up – I would have gotten the Stranger Things effect, with characters who are still in high school but look like twenty-seven-year-old people, ” Cameron told Entertainment. Weekly, to then add: ” You know, I love movies and TV series. Sure, you can always resort to suspension of disbelief, and the characters are well-built, but… come on, you know what I mean. ”

To know the plot of the third chapter, the setting of the events, and the protagonists are still too early; however, Cameron has stated that there will be new Na’vi cultures in Avatar 3. We recall how the first chapter grossed 2.9 billion dollars – becoming the most profitable film in history – while the second currently stands at 2 billion. We also wish Avatar 3 and all the other films that James Cameron still has in store a similar success.

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