Avatar 3, at What Stage Are the Filming of the Sequel of the Saga?

As Avatar continues to break box office records, fans are increasingly eager for information on the third installment of James Cameron’s franchise, whose production is already well advanced.

We are certain of one thing: the long wait between the first Avatar and its sequel will be something that will not be repeated for the next films set on Pandora.

The release dates of the next Avatars have already been announced and barring delays that are currently difficult to budget for, the next works by the director of Titanic will follow one another two years apart. To succeed in such an undertaking despite the enormous amount of work regarding the production, the shooting of new films was shot, at least in part, simultaneously with those of the first sequel.

The choice was made both to speed up a difficult and lengthy creative process and to prevent the actors who play the characters in the saga from aging between one film and another, thus ruining the continuity of the staging.

As rumors about the Avatar 3 plot begin to emerge, we already know that filming on the next Na’vi film has been completed and the film is now in post-production. In this sense, it’s landing in theaters at the end of 2024 seems confirmed.

We just have to wait, therefore, confident and aware that the wait will not be too long and that the same can be repaid by-products that are to be placed on the same level to which the saga has accustomed us. James Cameron, in this sense, is certainly a guarantee for both viewers and the majors.

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