Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Who Inspired Jess Loveness?

Drawing on the 90s from two of the most influential actors of the time? This is the case of Jeff Loveness, writer of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. The main themes for this inspiration are the father-daughter relationship.

“ There are many things on the table. Many MCU projects in the making, but focus on this, this is a story about a father and daughter, from the very beginning,” revealed Jeff Loveness in an interview for Variety, of which you can find an extract at the bottom.

“So I was inspired by the films of the 90s of Robin Williams or those of Steve Martin. The father protagonist of ‘Father of the Bride’ [“Father of the Bride”] or ‘ Jumanji’ “, adds the writer. Loveness seems to have taken inspiration from the past, and WHAT a past! Two films have marked the childhood of many, for the depth of their message and the effectiveness of the story.

For Quantumania also Miss Minutes asks you not to make spoilers … so we won’t reveal anything. We only anticipate that in the film, Paul Rudd plays Ant-Man and the father of Kathryn Newton, aka Cassandra Lang. Their relationship will appear central to the film, just as underlined by Loveness. This reference is therefore evident, which must have greatly influenced the writer.

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