Ant-man 3, Scott and Hope Vs Kang in the New Clip of the Film!

While the release of Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantumania is getting closer and closer, a new trailer reveals new aspects of the film, starting from a clash between Scott, Hope, and Kang up to a deepening of the relationship between the villain and Janet.

The new trailer, from the point of view of the plot, does not reveal anything new but in any case gives a way to deepen even more the outstanding issues and which, probably, will be told within the film. One of the most important concerns is the relationship between Kang and Janet which has not been clarified in any image. The historian Wasp, within the clip, defines him as ” a monster who thinks he is a god “, highlighting how much power is at the center of the character’s desires.

While the duration of Ant-Man 3 has been revealed, the trailer shows a physical fight between the protagonists and Kang, putting the action at the center and how the film will best explore the Quantum realm. Although it has been mentioned and alluded to within the MCU for years, the public has still never had the opportunity to see it firsthand.

The film’s marketing campaign seems to be focusing on everything, even the release of a fake bestseller written by Scott Lang himself which will be available for purchase on Amazon.

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