Ant-man 3, Paul Rudd Recalls: ‘shooting a Scene Was Disgusting, It Was All Manure’

Living a set of the Marvel Cinematic Universe must be an exciting experience to say the least, even for those who, like Paul Rudd, have gotten used to it: all that glitters is not always gold, however, at least according to what he told us in these hours right from our Scott Lang on Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

After appearing with Hope and Kang in the new clip of the Marvel film, Paul Rudd has described to us the situation experienced during the filming of one of the first scenes set in the Quantum Realm… And to be honest, it seemed to us anything but a dream scenery!

“There’s CGI, but a lot of stuff is handcrafted. So we created a whole set where there are these huge buildings, and it’s a really weird scene. It’s like a planet, it’s very weird and it’s covered entirely in the trash, it felt like we were in the Quantum Realm,” the Scott Lang actor explained.

Rudd continued: ‘ And they did a really good job on the waste, but they didn’t realize it was mostly manure, so as we were shooting it was awful. We got to the point where they were like, ‘Oh, oh, we’ve got to do something for this problem because it stinks so bad we can’t work here anymore’. If the movie is to be like the stuff we walked on then we’re in trouble! ”

We sincerely hope that Peyton Reed‘s film distances itself, qualitatively speaking, from the material used on the set! Adventures of Ant-Man aside, meanwhile, Paul Rudd recently spoke about the secret of his eternal youth about him.

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