Ant-man 3: Michael Douglas Wants a Good Death for Hank Pym

The actor spoke about the difficulty of getting back into the skin of his character and if he would be willing to come back for a 4th film.

On the poster of Ant-man and the Wasp: QuantumaniaMichael Douglas makes his big comeback as master of the ants. During a recent round table, the 78-year-old actor did not hide his enthusiasm for his involvement in the franchise. ” Resuming a role is always fun. There’s a friendly atmosphere. While the first Ant-man was a huge surprise, and I was trying to get used to the green screen and the way it all works, now it’s just nice. At this point in my career, I just like working with good friends and talented people, “says the actor.

Although still thrilled to play Hank Pym, Douglas then opened up about the challenges of playing his character in a different and unfamiliar setting, that of the quantum world. ” I think I mostly had to rehearse my technical dialogue. I’ve never been a scientist, so you had to explain to me what was going on. I had a little trouble following this Quantum Realm quest, but I was able to count on my on-screen wife, Michelle Pfeiffer, ” the actor continued.

The studio has yet to announce any official plans for Ant-Man characters after Quantumania, but it seems likely that the film’s introduction of Kang the Conqueror as Jonathan Majors will allow Scott Lang and his family to star. a major role in the upcoming Avengers. But would Michael Douglas be on board? “If the schedule works out and it makes sense, I’ll be happy to be in the next Ant-man, they’re a great band to work with. And if it’s not a fourth, I might be able to appear in other Marvel movies. But if they decide to end it, I just want an impactful death, that’s all I ask. I said to them, when you get enough of me, let me go with a big explosion, with awesome special effects, ” says Douglas.

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